"Mental ill health is one of the world’s greatest challenges — and at the Thrive Foundation, we believe we can solve it."

Who we are

An accelerator foundation with the intention of solving global mental health.


Complex systems like mental health can be solved in smaller testbed nations. Thrive is our moonshot project.


So far we have impacted on 3000 people and seeded 10 projects through our events, startups and coaching.


We rely on charitable funding to accelerate our impact projects, scientific underpinnings, people and events.

The Thrive Foundation is a Mental Health Accelerator. We aim to solve one of the world’s biggest and most complex challenges: mental health.

We intend to develop a blueprint for any country to solve mental health by demonstrating that it is possible, starting in a self-governing island nation.

This blueprint will be open sourced and used to accelerate radical improvements in global mental health.

By concentrating global intention on one small community, and bringing together world disruptors, innovators and experts, we will accelerate discoveries to solve mental illness and addictive disorders.


It always seems impossible until it is done.Nelson Mandela

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We are a charitable foundation registered in Guernsey and regulated by The Foundations (Guernsey) Law, 2012. As a not-for-profit, we rely on philanthropic donations of any size. If you are as passionate about solving mental health, please donate by clicking the button below.