The Journey

Thrive2020 has been a wonderful 4-year journey since our founding in 2015.

Thrive2020 event speakers’ themes are carefully curated for impact, and potential for disruption or rapid development into standalone projects.

Our speakers have covered almost every element of human mental health, from the impact of Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs), Community Development, ageing gracefully, and the healing power of connection, exercise and nutrition, to humane drug policy and psychedelic therapy (see

Thrive2020-inspired projects include:

  • Daily Mile in all primary schools;
  • Men’s Shed Guernsey;
  • Mental Health First Aid training;
  • Man Club Guernsey;
  • Recovery Peer Support training;
  • Guernsey Mind’s suicide prevention campaign;
  • ACEs awareness in training;
  • Government commitment to equal treatment of mental and physical health;
  • Commitment to a review of drugs and medicines law in 2018.

The timeline

We held our first Thrive 2020 event in 2015. The Theme was “Can we Solve Mental Health?” The talks can be viewed here.

In 2016 we ran The World’s Boldest Happiness Experiment ( partnering with Action for Happiness and Plasticity Labs. Our vision is a happier Guernsey, with fewer people suffering with mental health problems and more people feeling good, functioning well and helping others.

We asked: Can we take action to be happy and stay that way? The results from the pilot study were impressive, with improvements in all domains of happiness from people who participated. Funding for a followup study is needed.

We also ran The World’s  Boldest ever Kindness Experiment ( We asked: Can kindness empower a community? We found the answer is: Yes, It starts with one person, and it creates a ripple that spreads to many, which brings people together.

Following on from its success, we held another event in 2016.The Theme was “A Thriving Island”.

2017 saw us host the third instalment of Thrive 2020, “From Striving to Thriving” – with another line-up of excellent speakers and community impact, as well as the first island Thrive/Beanjar Festival.

The Future

This year’s theme is Community Thriving. We are excited to be working with the BeanJar Jamboree, a community celebration of food, culture and creativity.

Our speaker lineup in 2018 will celebrate the Thrive successes and unearth local gems contributing to mental health and happiness on Guernsey.

We require funding and volunteers to support organisation and delivery – will you help make Guernsey the happiest nation on Earth by 2020?

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