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Seed sprouting from soil

Money talks: the economic argument for preventing mental illness

In addition to the human cost, the suffering, and the lives lost to suicide, there is a strong evidence-based ec...

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Thrive participants

Impact: Reimagine a whole mental health ecosystem

Background The Thrive Foundation is an accelerator for solving mental health. It uses scientific evidence, cutt...

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Solving a Rubik's cube

The 3 keys to “solving” mental health

“Mental health is a societal issue long before it becomes a clinical one.”  - Greg Lydall, co-founder Thriv...

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Sunset over Guernsey's south coast

Can tiny Guernsey, an island test bed nation state, “solve” mental health?

  One recurring innovation challenge is finding the right location to test out ideas, interventions, new...

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Full moon

Why we need to solve mental health (globally and urgently)

  Mental ill health is one of the world’s greatest complex challenges. The Thrive Foundation is, we beli...

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